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TALENThire | Recent Releases & System Enhancements

We’ve made a lot of exciting changes to the platform over the last couple of years, and we can't wait to share them with you. So whether you are a current user, someone who hasn't logged in since before we changed our branding, or a new client looking for just the right SaaS technology to streamline your process... here are just a few of the new features, with many more to come! So, stay tuned...

Biometric Timeclock Integration

Release Date - 2019: This feature allows your organization to process clock data directly through the TALENThire platform, providing real-time information for onsite reporting, temp spend, timesheets management, and punch editing.

Customizable Compliance Checklists

Release Date - 2020: Create editable, compliance checklist for your posted positions. Select items required for candidate submittals, like background checks, drugs screening, and special certifications. You can also establish onboarding checklists for internal staff.

Company Profile - Industry Selection

Release Date - 2021: Select primary, secondary, and additional industries to better identify your agency with demand clients looking for supplier partners in a specific niche.

Company Location

Release Date - 2022: Set up customized company locations, by name, time zone, and state, and select them via an easy to use dropdown list when posting/editing jobs.



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