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  • Does TALENThire support Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives?
    We do! And we would be thrilled to discuss it with you! We are currently in partnership with Gaingels an LGBTQIA+/Allies private investment syndicate, and one of the largest and most active private investors dedicated to supporting diversity and inclusion within the venture capital ecosystem. We are actively building a semi-exclusive, supplier network for this partnership. If your organization is diversity certified and/or DEI placement focused, reach out today. DEI supplier partners will be available for selection by participating portfolio hiring clients, in all major verticals.
  • How do I report an issue or request a system enhancement?
    If something isn't working as expected on the platform, or you receive an error message, please submit a Support Request. If the issue is urgent, please contact our team directly at:
  • What is the difference between a Staff level user and an Admin level user?
    An Admin user can: Update company profile Manage company locations (Demand only) Manage supplier lists (Demand only) Add/Edit new users Access all jobs posted by your account (Demand only) Access all jobs open to your agency (Supply only) Access all candidate details tied to your company's posted jobs or those jobs open to your agency depending account type. Approve/Reject all timesheet submittals Access all reports and included data A Staff user can: Manage only jobs posted under their login credentials (Demand only) Access candidates added or submitted under their login credentials (Supply) or submitted to their posted jobs (Demand) Access reports - view only their jobs (Demand) or candidates (Supply)
  • Does setting up a TALENThire account require a subscription?
    No. TALENThire does not charge a subscription to become a Demand (hiring) or Supply (agency/recruiter) user on the platform. We make our revenue from a small percentage of each hire through the system. Typically this is around 5% per billable hour on contract labor and 20-25% of the final fee paid by the client on direct hire placements.
  • Who has access to my posted jobs?
    Your open positions are visible only to those supplier partners you select for each position. This can be accomplished in a couple of different ways: From your account dashboard, an admin level user may set up managed supplier lists. This allows you to select a preset list of agencies when posting your job(s). While you are positing your job, you may filter supplier partners by location, specialty, and diversity certification, and select only those who fit your criteria. Like to add an agency partner to the TALENThire supplier list? Complete a New Account Profile request for them or share the link.
  • What do I do if I incorrectly approved a timesheet?
    If you approved a timesheet that needs to be amended, contact us at Be sure to include the following information: Company (Demand) Contractor Name Timesheet Manager Name Job Title Date Range for Timesheet in Question A member of our client services team will un-approve the timesheet and revert back to the pending status. From here, the timesheet manager can reject with a note to the contractor regarding required edits for re-submittal and approval. Note: If the timesheet has already been invoiced (past the Tuesday deadline) we will not be able to un-approve. In these cases, our AP/AR team will manually adjust where applicable.
  • Who has access to view my candidates?
    Only those clients to which you submitted your candidate will be able to view their submittal details. Internally, all admin level users of your account will have visibility to all candidates added or submitted to jobs. Staff level users will only have access to those candidates they entered or submitted. No other supplier partner will have access to your candidates.
  • How does invoicing work for contractor hours and/or direct hire placements?
    As a TALENThire supplier partner, you don't need to invoice the client; we'll do it for you. For Contract Labor: We will invoice the client weekly (for the previous Mon-Sun,) retain our percentage, and send the remainder to you via ACH.* For Direct Hire: We will invoice the client for the agreed placement, retain our percentage , and send the remainder to you via ACH.* *Payment terms upon receipt from client are stipulated in the vendor agreement.
  • To whom do I send my agency's contract or agreement terms?
    As a TALENThire supplier partner, you will fall under the umbrella of our terms & conditions. Therefore, there is no need to send us your agreement. In some cases, TALENThire clients may require additional vendor agreements with amended terms. In those instances, you will have the opportunity to review, accept, or decline those agreements. *Direct hire fees and contractor labor bill rates are defined by the client when they post their positions. You as the supplier, will see this fee/rate on each job posting. Supplier partners do not negotiate fees/rates with the client. If you believe a particular posted fee is not in line with the requirement, please let us know; we will be happy to review and discuss with the client where applicable.
  • When are contractor timesheets due?
    Contractors (or their agency rep) should submit weekly timesheets (for the previous Monday - Sunday) no later than 12:00 PM EST, Monday's. Demand, timesheet managers should approve pending timesheets no later than 2:00 PM EST, Tuesday's in order to meet the weekly invoice deadline. Hours for timesheets not submitted/approved by the Tuesday deadline will not be included in that week's invoice.
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